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Chinese Journal of Public Health Submission Instruction

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Section 1 Requirement for Submission

1. Chinese Journal of Public Health mainly reports the progress and development of public health and preventive medicine in China, including latest research articles, techniques, methods and experiences.

2. Please carefully read all requirements in "Author Instruction" and "Notes to Authors" of this website before submitting, and prepare your manuscripts accordingly.The order of authors should be determined before submission and cannot be changed in principle thereafter. If a change is truly necessary, a certificate from the institute and consent statement from all authors should be provided.

3. The journal only accepts online submission through Submission through E-mail is not acceptable. The journal doesn’t charge review fee.

4. If tables and figures are included in the manuscript, high resolute electronic files shall be attached to the manuscript. All maps included in the paper should be reviewed and approved by the administration in charge of surveying and mapping geographic information and the approval number should be indicated.

5. Authors should provide the signed version of Conflict of Interest Statement and Recommendation Letter and Copyright Agreement after they receive the notice from the editorial office. Before publishing, authors should provide the signed version of Proofreading and Authors Contribution.

6. Before initial review, all manuscripts will be tested by the Academic Misconduct Literature Check System (AMLC) developed by CNKI. The replication ratio will be controlled within 15%. Once plagiarism or multiple submission is found, the manuscript will be immediately rejected.

7. This journal is an open access journal. The manuscript is accepted after three rounds of review. After typesetting and proofreading, a page fee will be charged based on the length of the manuscript (RMB 1200 per page). Additionally, a production fee will be charged for color images (RMB 500-1000). The journal shall pay authors a one-off remuneration within 3 months after publication.


Section 2 Requirement for Manuscripts

1. Title: The title should be in bold, justified on the left.

2. Author Names: The author names are in Kaiti font, justified on the left, each name separated by a comma. If the authors institutes are different, Arabic numerals shall be marked at the upper right corner after the author names.

3. Abstract and Keywords: English abstracts should be placed under Chinese abstracts. Bilingual keywords should be placed under abstracts. Abstracts should include four elements: "Objective", "Methods", "Results", and "Conclusion". Keywords are separated by semicolons.

4. English Title, Author Names and Institutes: The English title should be in bold, with initial letters in uppercase. The author names should be placed in a separate line under the English title, justified on the left. After the author names, the institutes should be specified in parentheses.

5. Funding Projects: Funding information should be specified at the footnote of the title page. The project number should be specified in parentheses. Funding projects should be separated by semicolons.

6. Authors’ Institutes: The authors’ institutes should be specified beneath the author names, listing the institute title, city, and the postal code. If authors are from different institutes, each institute shall be listed in Arabic numerals and separated by semicolons.

7. Corresponding Author: The information of the corresponding author should be indicated in the footnote of the title page. The name is separated from the E-mail address by a comma. Semicolon is used to separate several corresponding authors.

8. Main Body Text: Please refer to the Chinese website for detailed requirements of format for main body text.

9. Figures and Tables: Figures/tables should be arranged on the same page of the content they refer to, with three-line style adopted. The headings should be in both Chinese and English, with the Chinese headings above the English headings. Please refer to the Chinese website for detailed requirements of figures and tables.

10. Acknowledgement: Acknowledgement should be an independent paragraph placed at the end of the article, without any coding number.

11. Reference: Please refer to Reference Format Guideline on the Chinese website for detailed requirement on references.


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