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Statement of Competing Interests

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Chinese Journal of Public Health

Statement of Competing Interests


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文章编号/Serial   No.


1.  任何时间内,任何企事业单位为作者或作者所在机构提供和研究有关的各类经济支持;

2.  研究期间,任何企事业单位为研究提供的非经济支持,如帮助进行研究设计、数据收集、数据分析、提供药品或仪器、软件等的使用、帮助写作、语言润色等;

3.  持有相关公司企业的股份,存在顾问、兼职或其他雇佣及合作关系,接受利益相关企业的劳务报酬、差旅支持、礼品等;

4.  在专利、版权等方面和相关公司企业存在共同利益关系;

5.  作者认为的其他可能影响论文客观性的利益关系。

Chinese Journal of Public Health, in compliance   with the guidance of the Committee of Publishing Ethics (COPE), asks the   authors to disclose all relationships/activities/interests listed below that   are related to the content of your manuscript. “Related” means any relation   with for-profit or not-for-profit third parties whose interests may be   affected by the content of the manuscript. Disclosure represents a commitment   to transparency and does not necessarily indicate a bias. If you are in doubt   about whether to disclose a relationship/activity/interest, it is preferable   that you do so.

1.  All financial support for authors and their institutes   from any institute or company at any time.

2.  Non-financial support for the present manuscript from   any institute or company such as research design, data collection, data   analysis, provision of materials or equipment, provision of software, medical   writing and polishing and so on.

3.  Possessing stocks, having consultancy or other   employment relationship or receiving any payment from a company such as   honoraria, travel support, gift and so on.

4.  Common interest with a company such as patents and   loyalties.

5.  Any other competing interests which may impair the credibility   of the manuscript.


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Release Date: 2019-11-26 Visited: