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Confirmation of Proofreading

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Download: Confirmation of Proofreading

Editorial Department of Chinese Journal of Public Health:

As the first author (_) or corresponding author (_) of this article (title:____________; manuscript number: _____), I behalf of all authors and have proofread the proofs sent by the editorial department. I agree with the editorial changes to the text and the technical handling of the chart, except as noted below:











I solemnly declare that if there was an error after the proofreading of this article, the author is responsible for all responsibility in the principle of "self-confidence."

All author contributions and signatures:

The first author: _________ Signature: _________

The second author: _________ Signature: _________

The third author: _________Signature: _________

The fourth author: _________Signature: _________

The fifth author: _________Signature: _________

The sixth author: _________Signature: _________

The seventh author: _________Signature: _________

The eighth author: _________Signature: _________

The ninth author: _________Signature: _________

The tenth author: _________Signature: _________

The eleventh author: _________ Signature: _________

The twelfth author: _________Signature: _________

Corresponding author: _________Signature: _________

Date: _________

Tips: (1) The proofreading is the last opportunity for the author to identify the missing points and correct them, thus please take it seriously. (2) If you want to change the fund project, author address, and author order, you need to provide relevant certificates. Please contact the responsible editor for details. (3) Authors' paper contributions list as following: design experiments; implementing research plan; collecting data; analyzing/interpreting data; drafting; critical review of the intellectual content of the draft; statistical analysis; obtaining research funding; political support and material support.

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Release Date: 2019-11-26 Visited: