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Submitted to: Chinese Journal of Public Health



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If the author(s) was/were found to have problems list above, the first author(s) will be refuse to publish all further manuscripts within 2 years according to the regulations of the China Public Health Journal, and the authors’ institution would be informed.                                    Signature of the person in charge:             Date:

Authorization opinion

We (all the authors listed in the manuscript) agree to grant the exclusive license and exclusive rights to the copyright of this document to the Chinese Journal of Public Health.  the Chinese Journal of Public Health has the following exclusive rights to use this document: the right to assemble (partial or all of the article), the right to distribute, the right to copy in printed and electronic versions, the right to translate, the right to disseminate information on the Internet, and the license for domestic and foreign documents. Retrieve the system or database inclusion rights. No part of this document may be compiled, reproduced, or published in any form without the written permission of the Chinese Journal of Public Health

We guarantee that this manuscript is an original work, has no duplicate submission, and does not involve confidentiality and other infringement issues related to intellectual property. In the event of infringement, disclosure, etc., we are responsible for all responsibilities.

This authorization is effective as of the date of acceptance of this manuscript by the Chinese Journal of Public Health, and is valid until December 31 of the 50th year after the publication of the manuscript.

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Release Date: 2019-11-26 Visited: