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Epidemic characteristics of hand,foot and mouth disease in mainland China,2008-2010:a cluster analysis
ZHANG Ying-jie, WANG Chao, CAO al, ,
2015, 31(5): 541-544. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-01
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Influencing factors of osteoporosis among residents in Wuxi city
QIN Zheng-ji, YANG Jian-bo, ZHUANG al, , , , , ,
2015, 31(5): 545-549. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-02
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Mental health and its impact factors among adolescents in Wenchuan earthquake disaster area
LU Wen-xue, JIANG Min, ZHOU al, ,
2015, 31(5): 550-553. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-03
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Association of stressful life events with hypertension and impaired fasting glucose in rural residents
ZHAO Ting, XIE Shao-yu, FENG al, , ,
2015, 31(5): 554-557. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-04
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Relationship between dyslipidemia and diabetes mellitus among adult residents in Jiangsu province
TAO Ran, ZHOU Jin-yi, SU al, , , , ,
2015, 31(5): 558-562. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-05
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Construction of simple index instrument for screening of gallbladder polypoid lesions
SHI Fu-yan, YANG Li-ping, XU Yong-yong
2015, 31(5): 562-566. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-06
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Sleep pattern and its influencing factors among adult residents in Guizhou province
ZHAO Fou-xi, LIU Tao, ZHANG al, , , ,
2015, 31(5): 567-569. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-07
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Prevalence and influence factors of eating behavior problems among small children in Lanzhou city
ZHU Ying, LIU Jiang-hong, YUE al,
2015, 31(5): 570-573. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-08
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Role of Hh signaling pathway in fluoride-induced primary chondrocyte damage in rats
ZHU Zhi-jian, YU Yan-ni, TAO al,
2015, 31(5): 574-578. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-09
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Application of multiplex PCR technology in rapid detection and genotype of Neisseria meningitidis
XIONG Chang-hui, YANG Meng, LIU al, , ,
2015, 31(5): 578-580. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-10
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Expression of methyl-DNA-binding protein in mitoxantrone-induced drug-resistance MCF-7 cells
YUAN Jian-hui, DENG Ting-ting, XIE al, , ,
2015, 31(5): 581-583. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-11
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Effects of subchronic 2,5-hexanedione exposure on expressions of myelin protein zero and neurofilament protein in rat sciatic nerve tissue
WANG Zhe-min, GUAN Huai, CHEN al, ,
2015, 31(5): 584-586. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-12
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Impact of evodiamine on proliferation of human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells
SUN Jian-chao, LOU Fang-fang, SHI al, , ,
2015, 31(5): 587-590. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-13
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Expressions of protein and mRNA relevant to Wnt/-catenin signaling pathway in rats with experimental fluorosis
ZHANG Ying, YU Yan-ni, FAN Bin
2015, 31(5): 590-593. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-14
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Lentiviral vector construction of RGD- TAT-KDR siRNA fusion gene and assessment of its antitumor activity
2015, 31(5): 594-597. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-15
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Effects of continuous soy isoflavones exposure on ovarian development in mice
WANG Wen-xiang, CAI Shu-feng, ZHANG Wen-chang
2015, 31(5): 597-599. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-16
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Inhibitory effect of asiaticoside from Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides on duck hepatitis B virus
LÜ Shu-juan, HUANG Quan-fang, LIN al, , ,
2015, 31(5): 600-603. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-17
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Protective effect of collagen-Ⅱ on articular cartilage damage induced by T-2 toxin in rats
Sarula, WANG Li-hua
2015, 31(5): 603-605. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-18
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Association of heparanse and syndecan-1 with human recurrent spontaneous abortion
MU Ya-qin, LIU Run-hua, ZHU al, , , ,
2015, 31(5): 606-608. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-19
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Effect of high-glucose on PTEN protein expression and its role in renal tubular epithelial cells of rats
ZHANG Chang-zhi, SHI Ming-jun, LI al, , , , ,
2015, 31(5): 609-611. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-20
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Protective effect of ginsenoside Rg1 on liver injury in rats with type 2 diabetes
LI Xin
2015, 31(5): 612-614. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-21
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Berberine attenuates cognitive deficits via improving NGF signaling in AD mice
CHEN Kui-min, ZHOU Heng-wei, LI al, , , , ,
2015, 31(5): 614-616. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-22
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Morphological characteristics and gene expression of Aldrichina grahami egg in different developmental stages
WANG Qi-yan, ZHOU Hao, LIANG al, , , ,
2015, 31(5): 617-619. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-23
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Dynamic efficiency of county public hospitals in Shandong province:a data envelopment analysis-Malquist index approach
WANG Ying, SUN Qiang, WANG al, ,
2015, 31(5): 620-623. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-24
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Health status and its influencing factors among greenhouse-workers in Shouguang city,Shandong province
WANG Ping, LIU Jian-jun, YAO al, , , ,
2015, 31(5): 624-627. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-25
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Status and influencing factors of growth and development among rural left-behind preschool children in Shandong province
LIU Wen, LI Shi-xue, GAI Ruo-yan
2015, 31(5): 628-631. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-26
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Antibiotics-related knowledge and its determinants among urban and rural residents of Nantong city
JIANG Jian-zhong, LI Yi-ting, ZHU al, , , , ,
2015, 31(5): 632-635. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-27
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Prevalence of coal workers' pneumoconiosis in a coal mine in Shanxi province
YUN Xiang, SUN Zhi-qian, SUO al, , , , ,
2015, 31(5): 635-637. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-28
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Prevalence and related factors of muscle fatigue among college students in Xi'an city
ZHAO Juan, HAN Cheng-cheng, YU al, ,
2015, 31(5): 638-641. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-29
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Comparison of three criterions for obesity and over-weight screening among primary and middle school students
YU Dan-dan, CHENG Wei, LI al, , ,
2015, 31(5): 641-644. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-30
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Association between polymorphism of NAT2 and risk of colorectal cancer
GAO Wen-xiu, GU Xiao-ling, LUO al, , , , ,
2015, 31(5): 645-647. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-31
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Health literacy and its influencing factors among rural residents in Shandong provicince
HAN Zhi-yan, GU Jing-liang, ZHAO al, , , , , ,
2015, 31(5): 648-651. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-32
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Epidemiological characteristics of metabolic syndrome in residents over 18 years old in Wenzhou city
ZHANG Na, SHAO Yong-qiang, ZHANG al, ,
2015, 31(5): 652-654. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-33
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Status and influencing factors of knowledge,attitude,and practice about breast cancer screening among community women in Nanjing city
WANG Tong-tong, YIN Li-hong, Grace X. al, , , ,
2015, 31(5): 655-659. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-34
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Analysis on quality of life and its influencing factors among HIV/AIDS prevention and control personnel in Guangxi
YANG Yan-jie, GUAN Xin, WANG al, , , ,
2015, 31(5): 659-661. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-35
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Association of MTHFR 677C-T/1298A-C polymorphism with microtia
MA Shu-mei, LIU Yu-feng, LIU al, , , , , ,
2015, 31(5): 662-665. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-36
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Serum uric acid and cystatin C in patients with type II diabetic nephropathy
LÜ Yan, ZHANG Ying-chun, ZHAO al,
2015, 31(5): 666-668. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-37
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Effect of tuberculosis control among prisoners in Tianjin,2000-2010
FU Yan-yong, ZHANG Guo-qin, WANG al, , , , , , ,
2015, 31(5): 669-672. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-38
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Newspaper reporting of suicide:compliance with WHO media guidelines
FENG Xian-gang, GAO Yu-lin, YANG al, ,
2015, 31(5): 672-675. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-39
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Prevalence of overweight and obesity among schoolchildren in Shenzhen city
WANG Yun, CHEN Ding-yan, WU al, , ,
2015, 31(5): 676-678. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-40
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Incidence and risk factors of agricultural vehicle road traffic accident
CHEN Yu, CUI Meng-jing, GU al, ,
2015, 31(5): 679-681. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-41
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Influential factors of diabetic peripheral neuropathy
LIU Yang, WEN Tao, YU Shi-jia
2015, 31(5): 682-684. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-42
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Effects of ambient ozone on human respiratory system
JIN Yue-fei, FENG Fei-fei, DUAN al, ,
2015, 31(5): 685-689. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-43
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Rapid assessment method and its application in public health policy
ZHANG Hui, YANG Zheng-fu, ZHANG al, ,
2015, 31(5): 690-693. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-44
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Discrimination towards PLWHA seeking medical service among medical and nursing students
SUN Hua-min, LI Xiao-shan, CAO al, , , ,
2015, 31(5): 693-696. DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2015-31-05-45
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