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Copyright Agreement

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Chinese Journal of Public Health – Copyright Agreement

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Manuscript Title:

Author order:

Manuscript No.: ________

The copyright owner of the manuscript (referred to as the author of the manuscript) agreed to submit the above manuscript (including both Chinese and English abstracts) including both the paper version and online preprinted version to Chinese Journal of Public Health, and transfer the copyright of the manuscript to Chinese Journal of Public Health.

1. The author guarantees that this manuscript is an original work, no duplicate submission, and does not involve confidentiality and other intellectual property related infringement issues. In the event of infringement and disclosure, it is the author’s responsibility.

2. The author of the manuscript agrees to grant the exclusive license and exclusive agency rights of the copyright of this article to the Chinese Journal of Public Health. The Chinese Journal of Public Health has the following exclusive rights to use this article: the right to assemble (partial or all of the article), the right to distribute, the right to copy in printed and electronic versions, the right to translate, the right to disseminate information on the Internet, and the agency license for domestic and foreign literature searches, and system or database inclusion rights. No part of the dissertation, reprint, or publication of any part of the paper in any form without the written permission of Chinese Journal of Public Health.

3. Except as provided in Article 22 of the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, the author of the manuscript transfers the rights according to Article 2 of this Aggrement, and the author of the manuscript no longer permits others to use it in any form. However, (1) The author of the manuscript may cite some of the contents or diagrams of the paper in subsequent works; (2) The author of the paper can compile it into a non-journal collection if the source is indicated; (3) The electronic version of the manuscript can be used if the source is referenced on the author's individual or author's organization’s website.

4. The author agrees that when the manuscript is first published in the Chinese Journal of Public Health, the author will pay the publication fee in one lump sum according to the layout. If the manuscript is published in other forms, no fee will be paid.

5. The author agrees that the manuscript will not be paid for publication in other forms, except for the one-off payment of the paper and the pre-printed version from the Chinese Journal of Public Health.

6. This confirmation is effective from the date of acceptance of the manuscript, and the place of performance is Shenyang.

7. If there is any dispute, the two parties will resolve the dispute through negotiation; if the negotiation fails, it will be handled in accordance with the "Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China" and relevant laws and regulations.

8. All the articles in this agreement are binding on all authors and one of the authors is designated as the representative, and the signatory author guarantees that he or she has the full authority to sign the confirmation and make the commitments.

Signature of the person designated by the author: ___________

Date: ______________

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Release Date: 2019-11-26 Visited: